I've been an aspiring artist my entire adult life. I began my Production Design work in NYC on various theater projects and have worked as a Production Designer based in Los Angeles for the past 20+ years. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the top DP's and Directors in my industry on national as well as international projects. I also have always been very interested in music and sound design, and always consider both, while designing sets, or making sounds. They intertwine seamlessly. I pride myself on putting together only the best artists available that share my enthusiasm, care for details and understanding that right now is our life, so let's approach each day with a positive attitude and great work ethic. One of the great perks of doing what I do is to be able to stand back with my crew, pause for a second and admire something amazing we just did. It's sounds corny, but it does feel really good to be part of a job well done. 



Dale Thaw Production Designer



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